Wanting Understanding

Tell us a bit about your background:

I am myself a person with a disability, so I have always been interested in working in this field. I come from a teaching background, and have always loved children, but I quickly realised that teaching was not the right profession for me; in fact it was through so many failed teaching interviews that was one of the reasons that made me want to open my own business.

What makes your company different?

 As one can imagine, there are many different recruitment agencies out there. I believe what makes CapAbility Careers unique is my ability for empathy and understanding, as I once too was a candidate looking for a job. Furthermore, I endeavour to be in constant contact with my candidates to inform them of the outcome of the interview they went on. I also believe that my clients will appreciate the way I conduct business to ensure that their needs are met, and to supply them with the best candidates for the job.

What do you consider the biggest pitfall when dealing with clients who are apprehensive about employing a person with disability?

 I think one of the biggest pitfalls when approaching a client is that many people still put disability into a box. In other words, companies would employ PWD, but only because they need to fill a quota in their business.

Can all people with disabilities do all jobs?

Unfortunately, some companies still believe that PWD are only capable of performing a certain task, mainly administrative. While this is sometimes the case, more often than not it is an untrue statement.  I believe that most jobs can be done by PWD, obviously with the right education and training, but on the flip side of the coin, I would never put a wheelchair user into a mine shaft, or a person with sight impairment as a driving instructor.