Our Services

What we offer our Candidates:

CapAbility Careers gives people with disabilities the opportunity to better themselves by assisting them to find employment in a sustainable work environment.

Job seekers’ workshops are conducted on a monthly basis. This gives candidates the opportunity to gain insightful knowledge in all aspects of job hunting. The workshops include, but are not limited to, CV writing tips, probable interview questions, and practical solutions when responding to a job advert, candidate appearance and telephone etiquette.

What we offer our Clients:

CapAbility Careers ensures that clients are presented with candidates that have been well screened and assessed. We obtain at least two references where possible and ensure that only people who match clients’ specifications are put forward for vacant positions.

We will endeavour to find suitable replacements in the event that the candidate is found to be unsuitable within the first three months of employment.

We provide our clients with sensitivity training in terms of practical challenges faced by people with disabilities in the workplace. This includes etiquette, and useful knowledge. Once the candidate is placed, an orientation session is held between the client and the candidate, for the purpose of clearer cohesion.

Assistance in the creation of assessment tests is offered; as assessment tests for candidates who are able bodied is often not the same for candidates who are people with disabilities.

Access audits are done at the request of clients, and involve CapAbility Careers entering the company to determine the accessibility available to employees with disabilities.


Our Philosophy

 Each individual, regardless of their ability level is unique
 Most people with disabilities can be employed
 In general, people with disabilities are like everyone else
 They have needs and desires
They need to love and be loved, have fun, earn a living, and have goals and dreams